ACHPER Victoria leadership team update

The board of ACHPER Victoria is excited to congratulate Chief Executive Officer, Hilary Shelton on her appointment to a short-term contract with the Department of Education as the Chief Executive Officer of School Sport Victoria.

We are pleased to provide Hilary six months leave from ACHPER Victoria to take up this fantastic opportunity and we wish her all the best.

The board have appointed a leadership team which will see the organisation utilise the strengths of the existing executive team to continue building momentum.

Taking up the role of Acting CEO from Monday 27 March 2023, Gillian Manson (pictured) is a consultant in change management and workplace environments, who has been working closely with the ACHPER Victoria team for more than 18 months.

Gillian will be part time and will be supported in this role by Greg Schneiders (GM – Consulting) and Scott Bumpstead (GM – Services) who will both take up higher duties during this period.

ACHPER Victoria has ambitious plans over the coming months and the entire team is excited to be working together towards supporting our community and growing from strength to strength.

Learn more about ACHPER Victoria's board here and please feel free to contact us with any questions.