2022 Teaching Primary PE: Back to Basics 22PB2B

Change is the heartbeat of growth and the theme of our first Primary workshop for 2022. Whether you are new graduate, new to teaching PE, or an experienced PE teacher looking for fresh ideas and new connections, our brand new Back to Basics Accelerator Program for 2022 is your opportunity to grow!

Commencing Thursday 17 February 2022

Virtual Delivery
Note: All live sessions will run from 4.00 pm - 5.00 pm

Teaching Primary PE: Back to Basics Accelerator Program

As connections are key to facilitating a high quality PE program, in this workshop offering, we are taking things one step further. Rather than a ‘one off’ professional learning day, joining the Back to Basics Accelerator program provides access to a package of virtual modules and supported touchpoints throughout the year. The live introductory session will unpack the fundamentals of teaching PE followed by a delivery of recorded modules released throughout the term for you to access in your own time. Along with ongoing live check-in opportunities you will be inspired by new connections and the opportunity to develop a community of support with like minded individuals on the same learning journey.


  • Multi-modal delivery including seven VIRTUAL modules facilitated by Jo Ritson and supported by Laura Widdowson

  • Module 1: Planning for effective teaching: Setting your PE vision (Thursday 17 February)
  • Module 2: Developing the content (content released Monday 21 February)
  • Module 3: Pedagogy Toolbox (content released Monday 7 March)
  • Module 4: The building blocks of movement (FMS)(content released Monday 21 March)
  • Virtual Check-in: Alumni Forum 1 (Thursday 24 March)
  • Module 5: Teaching using a thematic approach (content released  Monday 4 April)
  • Module 6: Game Sense unpacked (content released  Monday 18 April)
  • Module 7: Assessment (content released Monday 2 May)
  • Virtual Check-in: Alumni Forum 2 (Thursday 5 May)
  • Virtual Check-in: Alumni Forum 3 (Thursday 4 August)

  • Ongoing platform ‘blended learning’ access with announcement forums and support from Jo Ritson, Professional Learning Coordinator.
  • FREE set of ACHPER Victoria Curriculum Support Charts.
  • Priority access to new Primary resources as they are released including our new eBook: An introduction to effective teaching skills and practices in practical PE, planned for release in early 2022.

To extend your knowledge of FMS and Game Sense, you might also like to check out our March FMS and Game Sense one day workshop and our renowned FMS eBook. Cost:

ACHPER members: $272 | Non-members: $340 | 

Registration is subject to ACHPER Victoria's Terms and Conditions available here

2/17/2022 4:00 PM - 9/1/2022 5:00 PM

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