Our Board

ACHPER Victorian Branch is governed by an honorary Board whose purpose is to provide ACHPER Victoria with strategic direction. The Board acts proactively to drive the work of the organisation to meet current and future demands of our members and the broader community. The Board also has ultimate responsibility for the finances of the organisation and holds legal responsibility for its ventures and actions.

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Meet our Board
Peter Wright, FACHPER (President)
Former school principal, current School Sport Victoria board member
Peter has been a member and advocate of ACHPER and the HPE community for many years. He commenced his career as a physical education (PE) teacher and retired after 8 years as Principal of Koonung Secondary College. Peter is also a member of the School Sport Victoria Board.

Assoc. Professor Amanda Mooney, PhD, FACHPER (Vice President)
Assoc. Head of School (Teaching & Learning), Assoc. Professor of Education (HPE), Deakin University
Following a decade’s experience of teaching HPE in secondary schools, Amanda’s experience in the tertiary sector provides a valuable standpoint from which to best support connections between ACHPER, school and tertiary sectors.

Paula Parkin, MACHPER
Secondary Teacher, Luther College
Paula is passionate about the need for quality HPE in our schools. Paula has taught in several Victorian schools, from Foundation to Year 12; in Tertiary institutions and is a previous ACHPER Victoria Staff Member.

Chloe Dew, MACHPER
Primary Teacher, Black Hill Primary School
Inspired by her Year 9 PE teacher, Chloe committed to a career as a PE teacher and educator. By encouraging students to focus on their individual performances, this teacher changed Chloe’s perspective and motivated her to believe in herself and her abilities. 
Kate Simpson, MACHPER
General Manger – Education & Sport, Life Saving Victoria
Kate has been a member of Life Saving Victoria’s executive management team for seven years and has strong organisational leadership skills and highly values continuing personal and professional development.

Assoc. Professor Anthony Watt, PhD, MACHPER
Director, Learning & Teaching, Victoria University
Anthony has been associated with ACHPER as a physical education teacher and then as an academic from 1990. Tony also has extensive skills in the area of physical education pedagogy, both as a practitioner and as a researcher.

Tony Goodwin, MACHPER
Principal Murtoa College
Tony has taught from Foundation through to year 12. His main teaching methods have been physical education, health, outdoor education and sport. Tony is currently a Principal of an F-12 college.

Deana Leahy, PhD, MACHPER
Senior Lecturer, Monash University
Deana’s expertise and research area of health education enhances ACHPER’s ability to provide support to teachers delivering the health components of the HPE curriculum.

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Are you an advocate for the HPE profession? Do you have a contribution to make to the strategic direction of your professional association?

If you're a big picture thinker who is passionate about creating active and healthy Victorians, why not nominate yourself!

Joining the ACHPER Victoria Board is a brilliant way to contribute to your professional association and to make a difference to the professional growth of others and to advocate for the importance of Health and Physical education as a valuable, unique and highly necessary learning area.

Gain satisfaction by being at the forefront of your profession and valuable experience beyond your current professional role in governance, leadership and advocacy!

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Should you require further information or have any questions, please contact our CEO Hilary Shelton via phone (03) 9274 8907 or email.