In-school Workshops

We are here to support you and your school in the implementation of your Health and Physical Education (HPE) Program. Through the delivery of in-school workshops, we work to build capacity in teachers to enable the delivery of quality HPE - an essential component for enabling students to reach their full potential.

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Listed below are the Modules we can deliver at your school, at a time that suits you >>

Module One: VCE PE School-based Assessment Coursework

Assessment is an integral component of any teaching and learning program. School-based Assessment Coursework (SAC)s are one of two forms of school-based assessment that exist in Study Designs, and are selected from a prescribed list of tasks designated for that outcome. Teachers will develop the skills to identify and administer the designated assessment task/s in the study design, understand the importance of authentication and use performance of students to evaluate their teaching and learning program.

Module Three: FMS & Game Sense

Fundamental movement skills (FMS) and game sense strategies and concepts form the basic building blocks of many games, sports and activities. Linked to the movement skill and movement concepts content descriptions of the HPE curriculum this module will guide teachers in their understanding and teaching of FMS and game play concepts and strategies. Develop expertise in sequencing, assessing and teaching skills and concepts to develop tactical and strategic thinkers within a game and/or sport theme context.

Module Two: Curriculum Planning & Assessment

A curriculum provides direction and gives sequence to learning experiences of students. The development of a curriculum for school health and physical education is formed through teachers’ personal beliefs and objectives enacted through documents including the Victorian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education. Understand the process of developing a program vision, scope and sequence documents, and using assessment information to drive your planning, differentiation and student engagement.

Module Four: A whole school approach to increasing physical activity

The importance of physical activity in the lives of youths and adults is becoming more and more evident. Regular physical activity is central to health, development and psychosocial wellbeing and supports brain development, bone strength, muscle control, balance and coordination, and helps to maintain a healthy weight (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 2021). Schools play a significant contribution to the healthy development, learning and establishment of a love for movement and physical activity early in life, a crucial element to youths developing positive lifelong habits. The Australian Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour Guidelines recommends at least 60 minutes a day of moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity. This module will provide practical strategies and ideas to enhance the physical activity opportunities in your school’s context. 

Need something specific?

No two schools nor individuals are the same, so we can tailor our in-school workshop content to meet your specific requirements. That's what makes our workshops so highly regarded, and always relevant to your professional learning journey.

ACHPER Victoria can facilitate an in-school workshop, seminar or broader professional learning program tailored specifically to the needs of your school. Customised programs may focus on the Victorian Curriculum, ICT in PE, developing a healthy school environment, games sense or topic areas to suit your needs.

“The quality of my teaching and leading has increased dramatically... and I have never been so committed to continue down this path in developing and growing as a teacher and an individual.” - Secondary HPE teacher

If you or your team require further information or support to deliver a quality HPE program, please contact our Professional Learning Team (03) 9274 8900 or email [email protected].

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