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Fundamental Movement Skills – Understanding the Basics (CPD 2 HOURS)

Do you teach FMS but have questioned why movements and skills appear in the order and sequence they do? This course will discuss key principles underpinning development and learning of key FMS. Using applied examples, you will leave this course understanding the ‘how, when and why’ of FMS, and why quality physical education is so important to their development.

SEPEP Foundations Course (CPD 2 HOURS)

The course provides learners with an introduction to Sport Education, or SEPEP, including an educational rationale for why it should be used as a unit of work in the primary and secondary physical education curriculum. Following this, learners will be presented with the differences between PE and SEPEP, as well as the model’s focus on developing literate, competent and enthusiastic players. The course provides links to curriculum before being presented with a primer of how to develop SEPEP experiences for a season. Assessment ideas are presented to assess skills, tactics and fair play. As part of this eLearn course, you will be provided with readings and opportunities to interact with ACHPER Victoria staff and other teachers through interactive forums.

Fitness Assessment Foundations Course (CPD 2 HOURS)

In this foundations course learners will be introduced to the topic of fitness assessment and fitness testing within physical education. Early modules focus on providing in-depth content knowledge from a wide variety of evidence-based sources highlighting the pros and cons of fitness testing and their effectiveness on student learning and performance. Curriculum links highlight how and where fitness assessment and testing may ‘fit’ within the content descriptions and elaborations will be discussed and highlighted. In the final module, some alternative pedagogical approaches to fitness testing will be presented and framed in moving students from dependent to more independent learners.

Developing a vision for your PE program (CPD 2 HOURS)

This applied short course will either confirm or challenge your thoughts and processes in developing the vision and intended outcomes for your PE program. Aligned to the Victorian Curriculum and underlying propositions, you will increase your understanding of the content descriptions and achievement standards and how you can apply them to match the needs of your students and the context in which you teach. 

Game Sense / Teaching Games for Understanding (CPD 2 HOURS)

This course will introduce you to Game Sense and how it is an essential practice for Physical Education. Learn how to classify sports/games, understand its intentions and game concepts and apply this understanding to your teaching. The focus of this online course is teaching with a Game Sense approach including lesson planning, developing scope and sequences and undertaking different approaches with your teaching. 

 Assessment in Physical Education (CPD 2 HOURS)

This course will introduce participants to principles of effective assessment and work through a process of how to develop clear and assessable learning outcomes and progressions. Formative and summative assessment approaches will be explored, which connect to planning, instruction and student feedback. 

Planning and Teaching Using a Thematic Approach (CPD 2 HOURS)

This engaging course will encourage you to consider your curriculum from a theme based approach. A challenge faced by many PE teachers is focussing on what is most important in the limited time available. A thematic approach allows you to identify, plan for and teach the most essential skills, knowledge and concepts within a movement, sport or fitness category

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