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Don’t miss your chance to be part of our upcoming 2019 ACHPER Victoria State HPE Conference (#ACHPERVIC19) from 28-29 November at Monash University - the largest HPE teaching event of its kind in the southern hemisphere!

This year, over 46% of our sessions will be delivered by new presenters, or existing presenters with new content, ensuring the focus of our professional learning opportunities meet the demands of the HPE teaching profession. Our selection of presenters over 180+ sessions all share our common goal to IGNITE AND INSPIRE new teaching ideas amongst the HPE community. 

The conference format offers delegates the flexibility to tailor learning content to fill specific gaps in knowledge. This means, each day you will not only choose from more than 30 elective sessions across three time slots, but you’ll also be able to select from one of five inspiring feature presentations. 

We are thrilled to introduce our outstanding line up of feature presenters, all of whom are practicing teachers and / or industry professionals:

Day One: Thursday 28 November

FP01 Dr Beau Miles, Monash University : The wonderful trouble of an iPhone in my pocket

Modern phones are portals, tools, lifelines, cameras. Filmmaker-outdoor educator, Beau Miles takes a behind the scenes look at his first iPhone film, shot during a sea kayaking expedition to Hinchinbrook Island National Park. In an open discussion, Beau will question some of the strengths, warnings and unknowns about being recordable and online with limitless battery, yet present, in a wild space.

FP02 Prof John Hawley, Australian Catholic University : Nutrition for Exercise: What’s hot & what’s not? 

Diet affects multiple facets of human health as well as athletic performance. This feature presentation will dissect contemporary nutritional approaches to help fight the growing epidemic of obesity, while also showcasing the contribution of modern sports science to gold medals and world titles. 

FP03 Eileen Berry, Eileen Berry Media Pty Ltd : A champion of change 

Resilience is the latest buzz word. But what is it? Why do we need it? And does it inspire us to help others? Eileen Berry has resilience in spades, following a childhood and early adulthood featuring alcoholism, addiction, sexual and physical assault, mental health issues and illness. Now a champion of change on a mission to help young people embrace adult life, did this dysfunctional upbringing decide her fate? This is her story. 

FP04 Pierre Comis, Sport Australia : Improving physical activity through a whole-of-school approach to physical literacy 

It is obvious we have a pattern of increasing inactivity, sedentary behaviours and physical and mental health issues among young Australians. This feature presentation will identify eight components to be addressed when developing a strong physical literacy culture in schools to increase physical activity, enhance student wellbeing and improve academic attainment. Find out how these components combine to create the ideal whole-school approach to developing children’s physical literacy and get this generation moving for life. 

FP05 Rick Baldock, ACHPER SA : Teaching a quality PE program in a primary school 

Quality Physical Education programs enable students to acquire movement skills and concepts that enable them to participate confidently, competently and creatively in a range of physical activities throughout the life span leading to the development of a physically literate person. Through a quality PE program students can learn in, through and about movement to enhance performance, acquire an understanding of how the body moves while developing positive attitudes towards physical activity participation. Movement is also a powerful and increasingly important medium for learning which places the role of a teacher of a quality PE program as central to the success of each student as a learner. 

Day Two: Friday 29 November

 FP06 Prof Clare Hanlon, Victoria University : Further developing physical education and sport opportunities for girls in your school 

Girls are moving away from sport, reasons include it is due to their experience of participating in physical education and sport at school, fear of judgement, and it not being fun or socially inclusive. The purpose of this presentation is to identify what facilitates resilience for girls and to provide examples of good practice that is occurring in schools to create enjoyable and inclusive programs and environments. 

FP07 Dr Brendan SueSee, University of Southern Queensland : Achieving multi-dimensional curriculum aims without going crazy 

In the last 15 years physical education (PE) curriculum documents have used terms such as critical thinkers, critical inquiry, creative thinking, self-directed, problem solvers, independent learners, self-monitors and self-directed learners. This presentation will highlight how different instructional styles can be implemented to foster the development of different aspects of learning as they relate to the thinking student. 

FP08 Prof Ann MacPhail, University of Limerick and Dr Rachael Whittle, VCAA : Key Issues in Assessment in Physical Education 

This Feature Presentation will highlight key challenges facing teachers in aligning curriculum, assessment and instruction / pedagogy in a meaningful, effective and efficient manner. Evidence based, practical formative and summative assessment considerations and approaches will be discussed by the panel for teachers to consider as tools to collect evidence of where students are on the learning continuum and how to use  this evidence can be interpreted and used to develop a teaching and learning program that will progress student learning.  

FP09 Dr Jodi Richardson, Happier on Purpose : Moving kids from anxiety into resilience 

Anxiety is currently taking a heavy toll on Australian children and young people. It's the most common mental health condition among young Australians. It's a treatable condition but often goes unrecognised. Anxiety impacts on learning, behaviour, happiness and wellbeing but it doesn’t have to. Teachers are well-placed to recognise the signs of anxiety in young people and to share the skills and tools kids need to manage their anxiety and develop lasting resilience. 

FP10 Gavin Mahony, Leading Teams : Creating cultures of high performance 

Do you want to be a high performing leader and learn what it takes to create a high performing team? Responsible for nine of the last fifteen AFL Premiers and proud partner of the Australian Diamonds, Leading Teams has been the industry leader in sustainable culture change that drives performance in the sporting, corporate and educational industries.

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If you need a little help putting together your 2-day elective program, don't worry! We've put together a range of sample elective programs for Primary Graduate PE Teachers, Primary Classroom Generalist Teachers, 7-10 Graduate PE Teachers, 7-10 Health Teachers, VCE HHD Teachers, VCE OES Teachers and VCE PE Teachers to help you tailor your learning and make the most of your conference experience.

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