Elective sessions worth checking out at our upcoming Secondary / VCE® HPE Conference!

Spaces are filling up for our 2019 Secondary / VCE® HPE Conference at Victoria University on 21 JuneWe’re excited to share a range of NEW topics this year.

Based on guidance from VCAA and also through feedback from teacher experiences, many of our sessions look at different approaches to more effectively teach the current VCE study designs.

Here's some elective sessions you won't want to miss this year:

VCE® PE Energy Systems: Helping Connect Theory to the Practical [session A02 & B01]
This practical workshop will run you through a range of activities you can implement to help students better apply key knowledge and key skills of VCE® Physical Education Unit 3 AOS 2: How does the body produce energy. Spend time in small groups participating in activities and collecting data to use in analysing how the major body and energy systems work and unpacking teaching strategies to link to the theory. References will also be made to the Outcome 2 Assessment Task, providing advice on how to structure the laboratory report using primary data.

VCE® HHD: WHO Priorities and advice from VCAA [session D02]
In the Health and Human Development Study Design the prominence and importance of the World Health Organisation (WHO) priorities is paramount. The purpose of this workshop is to examine the priorities and work of the WHO and how these can be expressed within the key knowledge and key skills of Unit 4. A focus on a variety of teaching strategies and approaches that demonstrate how the WHO priorities could be enacted in the outcomes will be prominent in this session.

Creative and Practical Activities to Teach VCE® VET Sport & Recreation [session D03] 
Needing new ideas to engage your students in VET Sport and Recreation? This practical session will provide you with creative and engaging ways to teach various units of competencies, including those “drier” content units which might not always naturally lead to application in practical settings.

Road to Zero: Road Safety Experience for 9-10 Health [session C05]
Road safety is an important public health issue often explored in year 9/10 HPE. At TAC’s Road to Zero education complex at Melbourne Museum, students delve into what makes a successful community health campaign, and then research and create their own! Co-developed with practicing teachers, learn how to incorporate this world-class (and free!) experience into your teaching practice, and gain insight into how Road to Zero is empowering young adults through positive action.

Engaging Teaching ideas for Unit 2 HHD [session A03]
This workshop will unpack the new HHD Study Design for Unit 2, with a focus on implementing engaging teaching activities for the 21st century learner. The activities presented will have a strong focus on Unit 2, but these activities are flexible, and can be adapted to suit your learners’ needs. Participant involvement is encouraged as the workshop will involve active learning.

Strength and Conditioning in 9-10 PE (Prac) [session D04]
This session will consist of implementing a Strength and Conditioning (S/C) unit for Years 9 and 10, focusing on how to teach a larger group of mixed abilities and how to tie in S/C into your curriculum. The session will involve how to teach strength exercises safely whilst incorporating the use of ICT and data to assist with analysis.

Don't miss out! Join us for a full day of practical and theoretical approaches to teaching HPE, then enjoy our networking refreshments while VU staff conduct laboratory tours of their world class facilities within the Institute of Health and Sport.

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