Call for abstracts now open for ACHPER Victoria Conference November 2019

Ever wanted to share your knowledge or experiences teaching HPE? Call for abstracts to present at our HPE Conference in November are now open. 

 Sharing your practice with your peers can be a most rewarding personal learning experience. Each year we are looking for new presenters across all areas of the Victorian HPE curriculum.

If you have not presented at an ACHPER Conference recently, we encourage you to consider submitting a presentation for this year’s event.

Tips for submitting an abstract

Before constructing your session title and abstract, here are some considerations:

1) What is your message?

  • Reflect upon your experiences when attending other conferences – what elements of the presentation made it positive for you.
  • How are you going to convey key messages to your audience? Here’s some ideas:
  • Share an inspiring story or interesting concept
  • Reflect on the latest evidence-based research to enhance your presentation
  • Illustrate a ’SAO’ – situation, action and outcome that describe positive connections or lessons learned
  • Provide practical examples or activities for delegates to become engaged in your session and to link it to their setting.
  • Use different mediums – visual, practical, discussion, lecture to convey your message
  • If you wanted your audience to take one message away – what would it be?

2) Constructing your session title and abstract

Communication is everything but trying to capture elements of your presentation and turning them into something that’s eye catching can be tricky. We suggest the following:

  • Give your session an exciting title – keep it simple, straight to the point with a few action words (maximise, engage, simplify, develop, enhance, discover, explore, challenge)
  • Be specific on who your intended audience is – an area of focus is crucial
  • Avoid repeating titles and abstracts you may have used previously – be bold, fresh and adventurous!
  • Ensure your session delivers on its promise – accuracy is key
  • Sell your presentation – be clever yet creative with how you structure your abstract.

To submit an abstract please click below >>


We find taking the step to share your practice with your peers can be a most satisfying personal learning experience. Our professional learning team is standing by to help you develop your ideas into a presentation. If you need any additional information or support in submitting your presentation abstract, please contact Bernie.

We look forward to hearing your ideas! Please get in touch for further information.