Are your school grounds sports ready?

This article is contributed by our partners RHSports.

With students currently not onsite have you thought about reviewing your school grounds major sporting items such as:

  • Basketball Towers
  • Goals – soccer, hockey, footy
  • Games Posts – netball, volleyball, badminton
  • Post Padding

Basketball Towers require annual checking to ensure their safety plus 'No Dunking' safety warning stickers legally must be visible on all backboards. Our team can carry out an onsite visit or you can provide us with detailed photos of your existing towers for review.

Our steel and aluminium sports goals products are made to last and are locally manufactured. RHSports provides a supply and delivery service for self-installation or can additionally quote for installation by a specialist who has worked in the industry for over 40 years.

Post padding is an essential for all free-standing games posts or building structure uprights that are located within the playground areas. Your pads should be firmly fitted, without sag and should cover the full circumference of the post. We provide a measure and quote service and can supply both stock and custom-made options.

Check out the product range and pricing online or contact your RHSports representative or our Customer Service Team who can assist you with your needs and guide you to the right products for your requirements.

A quick insiders tip: check with your school administration for additional funding opportunities outside of your standard budget as these expenses are usually funded from elsewhere.

Action now and ensure that your school is prepared for all sport when students return. Click here to visit RHSports's website.