Flexible online PD and eLearning opportunities coming soon

In light of our face-to-face events being cancelled or limited due to pandemic restrictions, ACHPER Victoria is pleased to announce a range of new online PD opportunities designed to support your individual professional growth remotely. Our upcoming suite of online learning products will allow teachers to continue their professional development, delivering the same trusted support you’ve come to expect from our face-to-face events.

Delivered by our experienced Professional Learning team, our eLearn courses will provide options for self-paced learning over time, complemented by an additional suite of webinars which will offer opportunities for live content delivery across a range topics.

Online eLearning courses

With ongoing external pressures, time constraints and travel to face-to-face learning opportunities currently not feasible, take advantage of our self-paced, flexible online eLearning courses to build your professional development hours. All courses align with AITSL Teacher Standards and the Victorian curriculum and are designed to provide ongoing support without leaving your home or workspace.

Here’s an outline of eLearning courses we are excited to launch in term 3:

Developing a vision for your PE program
This applied short course will either confirm or challenge your thoughts and processes in developing the vision and intended outcomes for your PE program. Aligned to the Victorian Curriculum and underlying propositions, you will increase your understanding of the content descriptions and achievement standards and how you can apply them to match the needs of your students and the context in which you teach. 

Fundamental Movement Skills – Understanding the Basics
Do you teach FMS but have questioned why movements and skills appear in the order and sequence they do? This course will discuss key principles underpinning development and learning of key FMS. Using applied examples, you will leave this course understanding the ‘how, when and why’ of FMS, and why quality physical education is so important to their development.

Games Sense / Teaching Games for Understanding 
This course will introduce you to Game Sense and how it is an essential practice for Physical Education. Learn how to classify sports/games, understand its intentions and game concepts and apply this understanding to your teaching. The focus of this online course is teaching with a Game Sense approach including lesson planning, developing scope and sequences and undertaking different approaches with your teaching.

Planning and Teaching Using a Thematic Approach
This engaging course will encourage you to consider your curriculum from a theme-based approach. A challenge faced by many PE teachers is focussing on what is most important in the limited time available. A thematic approach allows you to identify, plan for and teach the most essential skills, knowledge and concepts within a movement, sport or fitness category.

Assessment in Physical Education 
This course will introduce participants to principles of effective assessment and work through a process of how to develop clear and assessable learning outcomes and progressions. Formative and summative assessment approaches will be explored, which connect to planning, instruction and student feedback.

VCE PE – Command terms 
This course explores VCE Command Terms used, with emphasis on how these are applied specifically in VCE Physical Education. Bloom’s Taxonomy is explored to better understand what each term means with examples provided to support, and to provide students with stepping-stones to assist in the development of higher order thinking skills.


A series of webinars will be offered throughout term 3 and 4 in addition to our new eLearn courses. Dates and webinar topics will be made available in the coming weeks. 

Digital resource

We’re also working on a digital FMS resource for teachers. Linked to the Victorian Curriculum, this new resource will reinforce the teaching and learning of FMS as foundational skills, highlighting how they can be developed from isolated skills in the early years, through to being refined and combined into more complex movements to form the basis for the wide range of movement application in upper primary and secondary school. 

Not yet a member? Now is the time! 

If you are not yet a member of ACHPER or your membership has lapsed, now is a great time to consider joining or renewing with your professional association. Our members also receive discounts on our full suite of PD as well as resources which are continuously being added to our list of member benefits. 

Check out our existing resources for F-12 HPE teachers and be sure to keep an eye out for our eLearn platform launch in term 3 plus our finalised calendar of events! Please don’t hesitate to contact us with further questions or advice. We’re here to help!