Get your ducks in a row and start 2021 with a bang

As we race towards the end of the 2020 school year, now is a fantastic time to start preparing for 2021. You’ve all done a fantastic job this year under the circumstances and with exams and report writing now in the rear-view, we can all look forward to a break.

During the break is a good time to start getting your ducks in a row to plan and be ready for a stellar 2021. We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to provide you with some awesome professional development opportunities and resources to help you start next year with a bang.

Here’s what we have lined up for VCE® teachers:

  • 2021 VCE® Conference – 19 FEB 2021

Registrations are NOW OPEN for the 2021 VCE® Conference! This one-day conference is specifically for VCE® teachers. Learn from some of Victoria’s leading teachers and academics to build your capacity for delivering strong student outcomes. Electives are also open, click here to check out the full program, and to register for this event go here >>

  • 2021 ACHPER VCE® Unit 1 SACs / Trial exams for PE and HHD now available for download (pre-order Units 2, 3 and 4 content now!)

Based on current VCAA Study Designs with unique editions released each year, these have been described as a ‘must have’ for VCE® teachers. Our Sample School-Assessed Coursework (SACs) resources provide a range of tasks for student assessment and supporting teaching and learning. The VCE® Level Trial Examinations aim to familiarise teachers and students with the Victorian Assessment and Curriculum Authority (VCAA) exam format (reproduced with VCAA permission) and help students with revision and developing exam skills. All ACHPER Victoria resources are developed by teams of leading teachers engaged in the respective subjects and undergo quality control reviews. Learn more >>

  • VCE® PE command terms eLearn course

This course explores VCE® Command Terms used, with emphasis on how these are applied specifically in VCE® Physical Education. Bloom’s Taxonomy is explored to better understand what each term means with examples provided to support, and to provide students with stepping-stones to assist in the development of higher order thinking skills. Learn more >> 

For everyone else, we have the following professional learning and resources to help you get organised for next year:

  • In-school or virtual workshops

We are here to support you and your school in the implementation of your HPE program through the delivery of in-school or virtual workshops, we work with you to build capacity in teachers to enable the delivery of quality HPE. As no two schools or individuals are the same, we can facilitate a virtual workshop, seminar or broader professional learning program tailored to meet the unique needs of your school or team. This way, the learning is always relevant to your professional learning journey. Customised programs can focus on a range of topics such as the Victorian Curriculum, ICT in PE, developing a healthy school environment, games sense or any other topic area to fill gaps in knowledge. Learn more >>

"It has been a privilege working with both you (Bernie) and Trent. We are really looking forward to our professional learning opportunity in Term 1 and definitely building our relationship in 2021." – feedback from a Primary School teacher.

  • F-10 teaching resources

ACHPER Victoria has a range of resources to assist with your F-10 curriculum planning such as Curriculum Support Charts, Unit Plans and Planning Templates. Learn more >>

  • Teaching Primary PE for the First Time – 26 FEB 2021

Are you worried about teaching PE for the first time? Don’t be. Our wonderful workshop will equip you with the skills necessary to further develop as a competent and confident teacher of health and physical education. Learn more >>

  • FMS and Game Sense Workshop – 19 MAR 2021

Are you comfortable teaching FMS? Do you want to experience how to effectively implement Game Sense? Here's your chance to build your knowledge and capacity. Workshop delegates will also be provided ongoing online support through our online learning platform. Learn more >>

Victorian teachers of HPE, we are here for you. Please get in touch should you need help or advice to deliver quality HPE now and into 2021.