Got some spare time your hands or need a little inspiration?

If you’ve run out of things to watch on Netflix or looking for a little HPE-related inspiration to watch or listen to in your spare time, check out a few suggestions recently enjoyed by members of the ACHPER Vic team:

‘Why is physical education a student’s most important subject?’ TEDx featuring William Simon, Jr.

Physical education has a transcendent value that is often undervalued, including social, intellectual, and academic spaces. Why is it so often the first area to be cut when looking at courses to prepare students for thriving futures? William E. Simon, Jr. is the co-founder of UCLA Health Sound Body Sound Mind, a program he began with his wife Cindy Simon in 1998, dedicated to fighting childhood obesity by providing state-of-the-art fitness equipment, a comprehensive curriculum, and professional development for PE programs. He is the author of, "Break a Sweat, Change Your Life" urging the need the for physical education in schools and championing fitness among youth.

’Want Smarter, Healthier Kids? Try Physical Education!’ TEDx featuring Paul Zientarski

Quality, daily physical education in schools not only reduces obesity amongst our children, but it improves academic performance. With more than 40 years in the field of education, Zientarski has created a highly successful program called the Learning Readiness Physical Education (LRPE) program at Naperville Central High School. The program has produced such dramatic improvements in test scores, behaviour and childhood obesity that it has inspired adoption in school districts from across the country and around the world, including Denmark, China, South Korea and Canada.

‘How PE Can Affect Academic Achievement’ TEDx featuring Steven Mikael

An experienced and passionate educator who has a keen interest in how physical education can affect brain function, focus and improve academic achievement. Steven runs a proficient team of educators at A.B. Paterson College, exploring innovative approaches to pedagogy and student engagement.

‘Active Kids, Active Minds’ TEDx featuring Kathleen Tullie

Even though our children are wired to move, our country is in the midst of a physical inactivity epidemic. Kathleen Tullie took matters into her own hands by starting a grassroots program that empowers children, parents, teachers, and community members to fight against physical inactivity. Through her passion, research and the "Word of Moms,” Kathleen created a free and turnkey solution to getting more kids active everywhere.

‘The Academy of Imperfection’ podcast by The Imperfects

Go get your pens and notebooks everyone! In this edition of The Academy of Imperfection, students Hugh, Ryan, Josh sit down with famed paediatrician, Dr Billy Garvey of The Royal Children’s Hospital. Currently, Billy regretfully has a two and a half year waiting list to see him in person but is keen to reach as many of you as possible NOW. And with all the talk on our podcast about parenting recently, we felt this was a very necessary episode. Billy may not look like one of Australia’s most respected and in-demand paediatricians, as we speak about in the episode, but gee whiz, he sure does talk like it!

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