The latest ACHPER Victoria VCE® Trial Exams and SACs resource news

Some great news to share regarding the availability of VCE resources for teachers, some which have been released ahead of schedule so you can get planning early!

We're so happy to report the following resources are now complete and ready to order and download:

  • All 2021 SACs
  • All Unit 1 2021 Trial Exams
  • Units 3 and 4 HHD and OES Trial Exams
  • End of year VET in Sport and Recreation Trial Exam

Due for release in term 3:

  • Unit 2 Trial Exams
  • Units 3 and 4 PE Trial Exam

Cross one thing off your list for term 3 check links below and submit your orders (if you haven’t already done so) to access resources you need in terms 3 and 4.

Important to note, Trial Exams and SACs are only provided to individuals currently teaching in schools.

About ACHPER Victoria VCE® Trial Exams

Our Trial Exams are developed by teams of leading teachers engaged in the respective subjects and designed to help familiarise teachers and students with the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) exam format (reproduced with VCAA permission).

With new editions released each year based on current VCAA Study Designs, teachers are encouraged to use these resources as:

  • revision for students
  • a stand-alone assessment tool, and / or 
  • to develop exam preparation skills

To order your resources online, please click here or download and complete a form and mail it back to us.

About ACHPER Victoria VCE® SACs

Considered a ‘must have’ resource for VCE PE, HHD and OES teachers, our sample SACs resources provide a range of tasks for supporting teaching and learning, and student assessment. Our sample SACs developed by teams of leading teachers are based on current VCAA Study Designs and undergo quality control reviews.

If you are yet to place an order for SACs click here to order online, or download and complete a form and mail it back to us.

Please feel free to pass any of this information on to other staff who may find these resources valuable, and let us know if you need any advice, further information or just want to check your order.

VCE teachers, we’ve got you covered! Check our VCE® Resources page to check out templates and tools to help you deliver quality HPE. For further support, please contact us