Nominations now open for 2020 ACHPER Victoria HPE Teacher of the Year and Innovative Program Awards!

If ever there has been a year where you deserve a pat on the back, it's got to be this one. Health and Physical Education (HPE) teachers of Victoria, you are inspirational and outstanding and the impact you make on the health and wellbeing of your students should not be underestimated - we want to celebrate this.

ACHPER Victoria's HPE Teacher of the Year and Innovative Program Awards are now open for 2020 nominations!

Nominate yourself or a colleague to shine a light more brightly on the important learning area of HPE. We love sharing and celebrating the incredible teaching taking place in Victoria, so submit a nomination and tell us how fantastic you are. We know you do a brilliant job and want everyone else to know it as well!

Submit a nomination and you might find yourself to be the winner of ACHPER Victoria's HPE Teacher of the Year or your school receiving recognition of its Innovative Program of the year. Not only do you receive these accolades, but your school and you will also receive professional learning and support packages valued at over $1000.

All the details including links to nominate can be found here >>

We feel extremely proud to be representing HPE teachers of Victoria and we want everyone to know about the incredible work you've been doing this year under challenging circumstances, so submit your nomination and help us sing your praises.

Please get in touch with any questions or for further information.