Staying connected at virtual HPE staff room catchups

A huge part of what we do involves building a strong community of practice for teachers of health and physical education (HPE).

Lockdowns have undoubtedly turned our worlds upside down from the way we deliver quality HPE to how we connect and interact with our fellow teachers. 

As we know many of you may be the only HPE specialist in your school, or you may simply enjoy the chance to connect with others, to ensure everyone could stay connected and maintain a sense of ‘normalcy’ in these times of isolation, we’ve been hosting our HPE staff rooms catch ups since way back when lockdowns first started last year. 

Over time, these have evolved to become safe spaces for teachers to come together and share their challenges and ideas. Based on feedback received, the sessions have undergone a slight redesign with the use of breakout rooms to nut out key 'takeaway' ideas with volunteer contributors bringing some of their own learnings to share with the group.

With no agenda or planning required, everyone is invited to ‘drop in’ and have a conversation and hear everyone’s journeys and ideas, from acclimatising to delivering the Victorian HPE curriculum remotely to transitioning back to school, to transitioning back to remote learning again(!)

We have been absolutely thrilled with the engagement in the our most recent HPE staff rooms and for the remainder of the year, we have HPE staffroom sessions on various topics from the use of ICT, SEPEP application, assessment and culminating with a reflection of the year and planning for 2022. 

All these sessions are facilitated by various teachers and sometimes joined by our annual partners. We encourage you to reach out if there is a particular topic you'd like to see or even facilitate the conversation - all with an informal staffroom vibe, so no pressure at all!

Check out a padlet via this QR code >>

Come along with any questions you might like to ask of other members, either in person or via the chat function and if they’re not all answered on the day, we will follow up and connect you with others who can help. And of course, if you have activities that have been successful, we’d love to hear about them and share with other teachers to help out.

Share with us to help out other teachers. Great to come along and say hi but if people want to share activities that have been successful please share. Check your inbox or contact us to receive the link.

Next HPE staff room catch up on 15 September

Our next session is coming up on 15 September. Come along to stay connected and continue to connect and receive take aways as part of your professional learning. HPE session sign-ups will hit your inbox the week prior to the date, so if you’re on our database be sure to keep an eye out for an email from us. Otherwise contact us if you’d like to register.

If you need further support at this time or have an idea you’d like to share, please get in touch.