Victorian teachers of HPE, we salute you!

Teachers have been frontline workers during the coronavirus pandemic, quickly adapting to bring their classrooms online using innovative ways to keep students engaged across the country. Now, after nine long and uncertain weeks of at-home teaching, the time has come to get back to the classroom to teach our students in-school.

You have all done an incredible job finding the right technology, coursework and resources required to provide continuity of learning for your students and support at-home health and physical education (HPE) lessons which ‘educate as they activate’. Adapting to meet the needs of students whilst delivering the Victorian curriculum has been no easy feat, but you’ve all gone above and beyond. 

What we have seen from our community is that throughout these trying times, HPE teachers have developed some amazing pedagogical skills in fostering, nurturing and reinventing effective learning in an online environment. As we emerge from our isolation bubbles, the challenge for teachers will be to not carry on exactly as it was pre-coronavirus, but to reflect deeply on what we have experienced to understand how we can work towards the betterment of education.

It is important to not lose all the excellent skills you have developed over this time. Instead, consider how you will might embed these new skills in your future teaching. 

Heading back to school will undoubtedly introduce new challenges for educators and students alike. We want you to know we’re so proud of the efforts made by all and hope the transition back to school for you and your pupils will be as smooth as possible. We know you've got this and we're here to support you along the way.

Not yet a member? Now is the time!

As we transition back to in-school teaching, now more than ever, ACHPER’s role is vitally important. If you are not yet a member of ACHPER or your membership has lapsed, please consider joining or renewing with your professional association to access discounts and resources that will to help you teach at the top of your game.

Take a look at our resources developed to help teachers from F-12 deliver quality HPE, and please don’t hesitate to get in touch with further questions or advice in these unprecedented times. We’re here to help!