Why reflection is important to help your curriculum planning for 2022

As the year comes to a close, we have been busy spreading the message of how pivotal evaluation and reflection is in supporting your curriculum planning for 2022. 

The ‘high quality professional learning cycle’ (AITSL) comprises of four key stages: 

1. Identify professional learning needs 

2. Select and undertake learning 

3. Apply and refine learning 

4. Evaluate overall impact

And at this time of year particularly we are able to ‘evaluate overall impact’ from the professional learning we have undertaken and the impact on student learning outcomes. Feedback may be measured based on data across the year and semester report data, as well as the voice from the students themselves. 

This is a great time to evaluate personally and establish the opportunity areas to grow next year. We encourage teachers to look closely at the Australian Professional Standards For Teachers and consider what might be your personal professional goal next year. 

Standards six and seven encompass ‘engage in professional learning’ and ‘engage professionally with colleagues, parent/carers and the community’ and it might be that your goal next year might be focused on engaging with the professional learning opportunities we present.

Check out what was shared in our YouTube Live event on this topic >>

ACHPER Victoria’s 2022 Professional Learning Calendar 

We are excited to share with you our confirmed professional learning opportunities for 2022, from workshops, tailored one-on-one/in-school workshops, eLearn, resources and particularly our 2022 events and conferences calendar

Our HPE virtual staffrooms have been a hit with educator contributing to breakout rooms and we can’t wait to continue this offering. We do need your feedback regarding timings and content, so please help us by filling out this short google form

Consider securing and prioritising your professional learning needs for 2022 now!

If there is anything else we can do to support your professional learning, please reach out to our PL team at [email protected].