Your invitation to attend the biennial ‘Melbourne Fritz Duras’ Lecture in November 2019

Health and Physical Education (HPE) teachers are invited to attend the next free Melbourne Fritz Duras lecture on 27 November as part of Melbourne Graduate School of Education (MGSE)’s Dean's Lecture Series. The Dean’s Lecture Series take place throughout the year and feature internationally renowned experts from Australia and overseas, providing a platform for discussion and debate in the education community.

The purpose of the Melbourne Fritz Duras lecture is to both commemorate and carry on the significant contribution Dr Fritz Duras made to the University of Melbourne and to the broader Australian community, particularly in the areas of HPE. Click here to learn more about the important work of “the father of Australian Physical Education”, Dr Fritz Duras.

This year’s lecture is entitled “Mind the (Collaboration) Gap’: Ongoing Learning and Capacity Building in Physical Education and Physical Education Teacher Education” and will be presented by Professor Ann MacPhail, Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences at the University of Limerick in Ireland.

Professor MacPhail’s lecture will consider how best Physical Education / Physical Education Teacher Education (PE / PETE) stakeholders can be held accountable for determining an international framework for strategic planning, proactive leadership, and adaptive designs. Given that equitable accountability means that all PE / PETE stakeholders be legitimised as contributors, critical contributions of partnerships and professional cultures is a main thread to this lecture.

Three related considerations will be shared and include:

  1. roles, responsibilities and weakening boundaries of, and between, stakeholders
  2. support structures and networking as effective practice, and;
  3. true partnership and communication across PE/PETE.

The lecture will conclude by considering the centrality of establishing an evidence-base through international collaboration and transnational and comparative research in a bid to meet physical activity, sport, and health-related needs of children and youth world-wide.

About Professor Ann MacPhail

Professor Ann MacPhail works in the Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences at the University of Limerick in Ireland. Her research and teaching interests reside in the areas of (physical education) teacher education, instructional alignment, curriculum development and curriculum and instruction models.

She was awarded the Association of Physical Education in Higher Education (AIESEP) Lifetime Achievement Fellowship Award in 2015 in recognition of scholarly excellence in research and professional practice in physical education, physical activity and sport pedagogy across the lifespan. She presented the British Education Research Association (BERA) Physical Education Sport Pedagogy (PESP) Special Interest Group Scholar Lecture in 2016 in recognition of her distinguished contribution to the Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy research community.

We are fortunate to also have Professor MacPhail join us at our upcoming ACHPER Victoria State Conference at Monash University (Clayton Campus) from 28-29 November!

Hear from Ann as she co-delivers the ‘Key Issues in Assessment in Physical Education’ Feature Presentation alongside VCAA’s Dr Rachael Whittle.

This Feature Presentation will highlight key challenges facing teachers in aligning curriculum, assessment and instruction / pedagogy in a meaningful, effective and efficient manner. Evidence-based, practical formative and summative assessment considerations and approaches will be discussed by the panel for teachers to consider as tools to collect evidence of where students are on the leaning continuum and how to use  this evidence can be interpreted and used to develop a teaching and learning program that will progress student learning.

Click here to learn more and register for the upcoming Melbourne Fritz Duras Lecture, and here to register for #ACHPERVIC19! For further details regarding either event, please get in touch