Bike Ed pilot program for schools – Term 2 2021

This article is contributed by Road Safety Victoria, Department of Transport.

The Department of Transport is redeveloping the Bike Ed program and we have an opportunity for primary schools and secondary schools (years 7-9) to run a pilot program for the new Bike Ed.

Taking part in the pilot means that you will receive a range of resources to run the program. You will also receive grant money to assist with the purchase of any infrastructure (helmets, bikes etc.) or to put toward teacher training (accreditation, CRT cover etc) needs that will help to run the program.

The new Bike Ed program contains three modules in primary school (for grades P-2, 3-4 and 5-6) and one module for early secondary school, with the progression being to have students learn bike riding skills, then learning off-road path riding skills and then moving to developing on-road skills and confidence.

The new program is being developed so as to be as easy as possible for Physical Education teachers to run within the existing school environment and will include unit plans, lesson plans and class resources.

Each program will contain between 7 – 8.5 hours of lessons and activities (8-10 lessons of 45 minutes) which can be completed flexibly to suit your school. The program has been developed with input from ACHPER and other educational stakeholders.

The requirements for running the Bike Ed pilot program will be:

  • Must run during the beginning of term 2, with completion by May 24 (ie, end of week 5)
  • Complete student and parent evaluation. This will demonstrate whether the program is effective and engaging.
  • Leaders of out-of-school rides must have Bike Ed accreditation, or become accredited prior to the out of school rides. Grants are available to help teachers and volunteers gain accreditation, as well as covering related CRT costs. The out-of-school rides will happen at the end of the program and one accredited rider must accompany each group whilst on excursion.

Grants of up to $4000 will be available to schools to help them undertake a Bike Ed pilot. School applicants must demonstrate:

  • Commitment to completing the Bike Ed pilot and evaluation surveys within the time period.
  • How the grant money will help improve cycling education at the school.
  • Commitment that at least one Bike Ed accredited teacher or helper will be present on any out-of-school rides.
If you wish to be considered for the Bike Ed pilot program or have any further questions, please feel free to email the Department of Transport as soon as possible with your name, school name and contact details including your email address.