Advancing nutrition in the classroom

This article is a paid contribution to from Victorian Institute of Sport (VIS).

An avid basketballer and footy player, year 8 student Lauren from Caranballac College, was thrilled to participate in the Victorian Institute of Sport’s Advancement Series and hear directly from the dieticians who work with Victoria’s Olympic and Paralympic athletes. 

Lauren has always been interested in eating right and enjoyed learning about the importance of nutrition for sports performance, growth and sleep: 

“The Nutrition Advancement session not only educated me but motivated me,” Lauren said. “I had an idea that nutrition played a part but I feel so confident now that I know what foods to eat.”

Caranballac College Health & PE teacher, Danielle Speranza, said that it was a great experience for the students who were selected to participate in the program. 

“The selected students benefitted immensely from being extended, this gave them an opportunity to further their knowledge in how nutrition can be applied to an athlete’s program.” 

The Victorian Institute of Sport Advancement Series delivers free nutrition and sport science education sessions to Government secondary schools. The sessions are delivered by VIS sports dieticians and sport scientists who utilise their extensive experience of working with Victoria’s elite athletes to educate and engage the students. 

The Series is supported by the Victorian Government as part of the Department of Education and Training’s Victorian Challenge and Enrichment Series, and the interest from schools has been overwhelming according to program coordinator Cathryn Pruscino:

“Victorian teachers have jumped at the opportunity to engage their students in these specialised sessions, extending their understanding of nutrition and sport science and how they relate to health, wellbeing, exercise and performance.” 

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