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2019 Secondary / VCE® and Primary HPE Conference supporters and exhibitor profiles

We’d like to take this opportunity to profile the fantastic supporters and sponsors of our upcoming 2019 Secondary / VCE® and Primary HPE Conferences, some of whom will be exhibiting at both events...

Meet our Primary HPE Conference feature presenters: David Lubans & Dr Rachael Whittle

In the lead up to our 2019 Primary HPE Conference on 24 June, we’d like to introduce our awesome feature presenters and highlight some of their great and important contributions to the HPE sector...

Need help asserting the importance of Health and Physical Education?

To ensure schools conduct the required amount of physical and sport education, the DET has instated a Policy which can be used by teachers to advocate for the importance of HPE and address inadequate delivery times...

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2019 Secondary/VCE® HPE Conference21/06/2019Registrations are NOW OPEN for the 2019 Secondary/VCE® HPE Conference! This one-day conference is specifically for years 7 - VCE® teachers. Learn from some of Victoria’s leading teachers and academics to build your capacity for delivering strong student outcomes.
2019 Primary HPE Conference24/06/2019Registrations are NOW OPEN for 2019 Primary HPE Conference! Spend the day learning how to reinforce the crucial role that health and physical education plays in the education and long-term wellbeing of children in primary school. This one-day professional learning event continues to deliver an outstanding experience for Victorian primary health and physical education teachers.
V906 VCE® Physical Education - Exam Preparation22/08/2019This 3-hour workshop for VCE® Physical Education teachers will provide guidance through the study design, challenging or new areas, and tips on preparing students for end of year exams.