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Project update: Transform-Us!

Currently available to all Victorian Primary schools and teachers, Transform-Us! uses innovative strategies within the classroom, school and home settings to get students moving more and sitting less. Read about the benefits for teachers...

ACHPER Vic Board nominations and your invite to attend our Awards & AGM with Dr Bridie O'Donnell

Nominations for the ACHPER Victoria Board are now open. Nominees will be announced at our Teacher Awards and AGM on 1 May with guest of honour and keynote speaker Dr Bridie O’Donnell!

CASE STUDY: ‘Supporting Victorian Sport and Recreation’ (SVSR) Program

Recently, we spoke with a Victorian teacher who is participating in our SRSV project and asked them to fill us in on how they found the program to date. Here’s what they had to say...

Upcoming Events

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FMS and Game Sense for Primary Teachers22/03/2019Fundamental movement skills (FMS) and game sense strategies and concepts form the basic building blocks of many games, sports and activities. Linked to the HPE curriculum this one day workshop will guide primary school educators in teaching basic FMS and game play concepts and strategies.
ACHPER Victoria Awards and AGM Wednesday 1 May 201901/05/2019Join your HPE colleagues to celebrate the outstanding contributions by Tertiary students and Teachers to health, physical education and recreation. Our guest of honour and keynote speaker for the evening is Dr Bridie O’Donnell MBBS AAICD, Director, Office for Women in Sport and Recreation.
2019 Secondary and VCE HPE Conference21/06/2019Planning is under way for the 2109 Secondary and VCE HPE Conference and the full program and registrations will open later in Term 1. This one-day conference is specifically for years 7 – VCE teachers.