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Lock in some long-awaited PL from home – sign up for our term 3 webinar series

With a lot of uncertainty out there at this time, one thing’s for sure – our term 3 HPE webinars are here to stay! It’s just one way we’re working to provide professional learning opportunities for our HPE teaching community.

More than gold medals – how do share the right messages to influence our students?

How we can more effectively use the sporting spectacle that is the Olympic Games to remind our communities of the importance of physical activity and create a legacy of mass sports participation?

VCE Trial Exams: a critical practice run for your students

Providing students with an authentic trial exam experience is an effective way to build confidence and tackle those harder to grasp concepts in a practice run scenario.

Upcoming Events

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2021 Primary Webinar Series 2021PWS27/07/2021A series of live online webinars designed specifically for Primary teachers. Register for individual sessions or the full series.
2021 Secondary Webinar Series 2021SWS28/07/2021A series of live online webinars designed specifically for Secondary teachers. Register for individual sessions or the full series.
VCE VET Sport and Recreation Exam Prep Webinar V210416/08/2021The teacher exam prep webinar will provide an overview of the key content and skills in the VET Sport and Recreation Study Design. Tips and suggestions for tackling this content with your students will be provided, as well as an opportunity to ask questions on content covered. Strategies and resources to support student preparation for the VCAA exam will be discussed, including VCAA statistics and examination reports to find potential trends in content, stimulus and question types.