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Reaching our first 1,000 teachers via Active Schools PL events

The Active Schools Expert Support Service team have been busy this term delivering the second round of DET subsidised professional learning days across the state, online chats and more!

Team in Focus: Greg Schneiders - ACHPER Victoria General Manager

Greg joined our team as General Manager in January this year. Greg has brought a huge breadth of knowledge and an infectious enthusiasm to his role with us. We sat down for a chat, here's how it went!

Teachers rising strong together: September special offer!

Missed the #ACHPERVIC222 early bird special? Don't worry! Our special September offer has you covered. Register from now until 30 September to receive a chance to WIN your registration fee back!*

Upcoming Events

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2022 Teaching Primary PE: Back to Basics 22PB2B23/05/2022It’s time to accelerate your learning! Whether you are new graduate, new to teaching PE, or an experienced PE teacher looking for fresh ideas and new connections, our brand new Back to Basics Accelerator Program for 2022 is your opportunity to grow!
2022 HPE Staff Room with ACHPER Victoria #912/10/2022It’s the final HPE Staffroom of the year so we come together to share our WINS and CHALLENGES of 2022.  Join us for our regular ‘virtual staff room’ catch up to share your wins and your challenges of the year with the ACHPER Victoria team and other like-minded HPE teachers as we begin Term 4 2022.
2022 ACHPER Victoria Annual Conference 22HPECON24/11/2022Registration is NOW OPEN!