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Congratulations to ACHPER Fellow recipient, Amanda Mooney

We are very proud to announce amongst the most recent announcements of National Award recipients was Vice President of ACHPER Victoria, Associate Professor Amanda Mooney. Amanda has been awarded an ACHPER Fellow.

2019 ACHPER Victoria Awards ceremony and 33rd AGM wrap up

Thanks to all who came along to our ACHPER Victoria Awards ceremony and 33rd AGM last Wednesday at O’Brien Icehouse! Wonderful to come together to acknowledge celebrate excellence in academic study, research and professional practice...

ACHPER Victoria Conference November 2019 call for abstracts now open!

Ever wanted to share your knowledge or experiences teaching HPE? Call for abstracts to present at our HPE Conference in November is open! Now is the time to start thinking about and preparing your sessions to submit >>

Upcoming Events

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2019 Secondary/VCE® HPE Conference21/06/2019Registrations are NOW OPEN for the 2019 Secondary/VCE® HPE Conference! This one-day conference is specifically for years 7 - VCE® teachers. Learn from some of Victoria’s leading teachers and academics to build your capacity for delivering strong student outcomes.
2019 Primary HPE Conference24/06/2019Registrations are NOW OPEN for 2019 Primary HPE Conference! Spend the day learning how to reinforce the crucial role that health and physical education plays in the education and long-term wellbeing of children in primary school. This one-day professional learning event continues to deliver an outstanding experience for Victorian primary health and physical education teachers.
2019 ACHPER Victoria State Conference28/11/2019Registrations open Term 3, 2019