New 'Guidelines for Fitness and Resistance Training Programs within School Facilities’ released

Fitness and resistance training facilities within schools are a great resource for teachers to educate students on health and physical education curriculum topics and for use as a recreational space to promote lifelong health, fitness and wellbeing.

Age-appropriate fitness and resistance training facilities provide an opportunity to elevate a school’s active recreation, quality physical education and extracurricular opportunities and programs.

Guidelines assist schools in ensuring they consider relevant industry standards, to make informed decisions on their fitness facility, resistance training equipment and external exercise professionals, coaches, instructors, and facilitators.

Created in conjunction with AUSactive, Health & Fitness Industry Standards Council and the Australian Strength & Conditioning Association (ASCA), ACHPER Victoria has just released a new set of fitness guidelines for health, physical education (HPE) educators and schools.

Entitled 'Guidelines for Fitness and Resistance Training Programs within School Facilities’, these considerations provide school professionals with the required information to make evidence-based decisions that are best practice regarding fitness and resistance training programs in schools.

One of the driving forces behind the new guidelines, ACHPER Victoria General Manager, Scott Bumpstead said, “This document has been in high demand from our members and the industry at large for quite some time now. It is crucial that schools and teachers understand the scope of practices at play and best practices when it comes to operating a facility or implementing fitness or resistance-based programs.”

“The positive impact that fitness and strength training can have on students’ wellbeing is well-researched and recognised. By implementing these guidelines, we can create a safe and inclusive environment for all students to develop healthy habits that will benefit them for years to come.” Scott said.

It was a pleasure working with AUSactive and ASCA on the guideline development, with this document marking the start of future professional development from ACHPER.

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