Teaching road safety at TAC’s exclusive Road to Zero preview for ACHPER Victoria members

Recently, our annual partner TAC’s Road to Zero extended an invitation to ACHPER Victoria members teaching VCE Health and Human Development (HHD) to attend an exclusive preview event at the Melbourne Museum.

This free event provided teachers with the opportunity to preview the new VCE HHD (Units 3 and 4) offering now available as part of the Road to Zero learning experience.

The new program immerses students in Road to Zero’s digitally interactive and highly engaging environment, while addressing the following key areas of the VCE HHD study design:

  • Unit 3, Area of Study 2 – Promoting health and wellbeing
  • Unit 4, Area of Study 2 – Health and the Sustainable Development Goals

Consisting of three modules, the online experience for VCE HHD enables students to revise their key knowledge and apply skills in preparation for exams and other assessment tasks. These modules cover:

  • Module 1: Action Areas – Explore Victoria's road safety health promotion strategy, and then apply the action areas of the Ottawa Charter
  • Module 2: Health Promotion Strategies – Consider how the Road to Zero experience reflects the health promotion strategies that underpin the Ottawa Charter.
  • Module 3: Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – Explore how the Road to Zero experience is working towards achieving SDG 3 key feature ‘halve the number of global deaths and injuries from road traffic accidents.’

Teachers got to experience first-hand what their students would go through as they were guided through the Road to Zero Experience Space where students encouraged to apply their understanding of the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion and the Sustainable Development Goals to the critical issue of road safety.

Through a range of hands-on experiences, students learn by responding to short answer questions as they move through the exhibition. They also receive an email copy of the revision notes created at Road to Zero.

Flexible learning options mean students can participate in the program in several ways, all free of charge.

  • Individual: Students can visit Road to Zero during museum opening hours. Allow for 60 minutes. No booking is required.
  • Self-guided: Teachers can book their VCE class into Road to Zero (60-minute block). Booking is required.
  • Revision session: Students can attend a free revision session during the 2021 September school holidays (23 and 27 September). Visit the Melbourne Museum website to book.

We’re currently working on a Tip of the Week HPE (TOTW) for ACHPER Victoria members on the latest Road to Zero instalment which will be released soon. Watch this space! If you’re not yet a member and would like to receive our weekly TOTW (during school terms), please click here to learn more and join us today!

To arrange a class booking, contact the Museums Victoria Bookings Office on (03) 8341 7767 or mvbookings@museum.vic.gov.au or contact us to learn more