New gambling and gaming awareness student education sessions

This article is a paid contribution from Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation (VRGF).

Help students and parents navigate online gaming and gambling with the new Be Ahead of the Game school education program.

Be Ahead of the Game is a set of free resources and presentations to help students develop informed attitudes about gambling. All teacher and parent resources are free and can be downloaded from  

Education sessions

The Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation currently offer six interactive workshops targeted at secondary students. These free sessions are generally 60 minutes in duration and can be delivered face-to-face or online. To ensure students gain maximum benefit, the workshops are designed for 25 students or fewer.

Your money matters (years 11 - 12)

Host this session to explore the fundamentals of financial literacy – budgeting, borrowing, costs associated with moving out of home, loans and credit cards – and develop student awareness of the financial risks of gambling. Help your students become informed consumers and money-wise decision makers.

Your money matters (years 9 - 10)

Host this session to explore some basic skills of being financially smarter and what to consider once you have your first part-time job – bank accounts, tax file number, needs and wants, tax, your basic rights as a worker and setting savings goals – and develop student awareness of the financial risks and overall impacts of gambling.

Know the score (years 10 - 12)

Host this session to analyse the potential influences that may shape students’ gambling attitudes and behaviour. Students view, analyse and discuss a wide variety of media content, including gambling ads that highlights the normalisation of gambling. They learn about current forms of gambling – such as social casino games, skins betting and loot boxes – in order to minimise harm and encourage informed choices.

Know the score (years 7 - 9)

Host this session to provide students with the skills and strategies to think critically about gambling and the potential risks involved. Students will consider the concept of ‘normalisation’ through advertising and media campaigns, the odds of winning, money lost to gambling in Victoria and support services that are available for all members of the community.

When gaming meets gambling (years 10 - 12)

Host this session to gain a better understanding of online games and the links in some areas with gambling-related themes. Students will gain a better understanding of the benefits and areas of concern with gaming and how gaming mechanics are designed to encourage people to keep playing for periods of time.

When gaming meets gambling (years 7 - 9)

Host this session to explore the blurred boundary between online gaming and gambling. Students will be provided with the knowledge and strategies to identify the potential risks and to make online gaming safer, allowing them to make more informed choices in this rapidly expanding industry.

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