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2024 Teaching Primary PE: Accelerator Program
It’s time to accelerate your learning! Are you a new graduate or new to teaching Primary PE, and looking for fresh ideas and new connections? Our Teaching Primary PE Accelerator Program for 2024 is your opportunity to grow!

When: February 28, 2024
Where: La Trobe University, VIC
2024 Mastering VCE Excellence Workshop
The Mastering VCE® Excellence Workshop is specifically designed for VCE® teachers. Learn from some of Victoria’s leading teachers to build your capacity for delivering strong student outcomes. Designed for teachers new to VCE®, and those looking to refresh and update their skills and knowledge.

When: March 4, 2024
Where: La Trobe University, VIC
2024 Teaching Primary PE: FMS Workshop
Linked to the HPE curriculum this one-day workshop will guide primary school educators in teaching Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) in their school setting. How confident are you in understanding the movement sequence of fundamental movement skills and feel equipped with activities to develop your student’s confidence and competence? Are you looking to revamp or looking to make an impact on students' movement skills and want some support on where to start and how to... Details
When: March 13, 2024
Where: La Trobe University, VIC
2024 Teaching Secondary PE Game Sense Workshop
Get ready to level up your teaching skills at the ACHPER Victoria Secondary Game Sense Teaching Workshop. Designed for Secondary 7-10 PE teachers, this one-day event introduces the Game Sense approach, fostering tactical, technical, and strategic skills within a game context. Our expert facilitators guide you through interactive sessions, covering game categories, sequencing, assessing, and teaching critical movement and sports-specific... Details
When: March 22, 2024
Where: La Trobe University, VIC
2024 Introducing Thematic approaches to teaching Primary PE
Attention primary teachers and F-6 HPE educators! Join us at this one-day ACHPER Victoria Workshop designed to introduce you to thematic approaches to teaching Primary PE. Enhance your teaching techniques with the Game Sense approach to teaching, and understand the learning journey from Fundamental Movement Skills to Sports Specific Skills and how to engage students in minor and modified game... Details
When: May 2, 2024
Where: La Trobe University, VIC
2024 ACHPER Victoria 38th AGM

When: May 30, 2024
2024 Primary HPE Teachers Conference - P2406

When: June 17, 2024
Where: Bundoora, VIC
2024 Secondary HPE Teachers Conference - S2406

When: June 18, 2024
Where: Bundoora, VIC
2024 ACHPER Victoria Annual Conference 24HPECON

When: November 21–22, 2024
Where: Clayton, VIC