ACHPER Connect Community: collaborating with Vicsport to strengthen ties between SSAs and schools

ACHPER Victoria, with the support of Vicsport, is embarking on an exciting collaboration to strengthen the bond between Victorian State Sporting Associations (SSAs) and schools.

Together, our mission is to craft pathways that seamlessly connect schools with the world of community sports, opening up thrilling opportunities for student participation across Victoria. 

As two prominent entities in the sporting landscape, we recognise the pivotal role SSAs play in fostering a culture of sport within schools and the wider community.

To ensure the success of our collaborative efforts, we are reaching out to State Sporting Associations like yours to gain your valuable insights into your needs and challenges in forming connections with schools.

To facilitate this connection, ACHPER Vic has created The ACHPER Connect Community, featuring an online directory aimed at providing schools with comprehensive information regarding sporting association offerings, events, contacts, and more. This directory will be shared within our ACHPER Vic community and beyond, with the goal of fostering greater interest and connections to your associations.

We invite you to participate in our 'SSA Focus Group,' where your expertise and perspectives will be crucial in shaping our strategies.

We will also provide detailed explanations about the directory and offer you the opportunity to contribute to its development.

 This includes the chance to have your SSA included in the directory, ensuring further visibility and accessibility to schools.

By collaborating closely with SSAs, we aim to tailor our initiatives to better support your efforts in connecting with schools and promoting student participation in sports.

The SSA Focus Group will run as a virtual meeting on 17 April 2024 at 1-2pm. To register to attend the SSA Focus Group, please complete this form.

Alternatively, if you are unable to attend the focus group, we welcome you to provide your SSA information to include in the ACHPER Connect Directory via the following link. If you choose to do so, one of our ACHPER Victoria team members will be in touch to chat through your complete form and answer any questions you may have.