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Active Recreation in your school community 

Active Recreation consists of the unstructured activities that students undertake with their friends. This can be before and after school, and during recess and lunch breaks. The important aspect of active recreation is that it is FUN and it’s not competitive, so students get enjoyment from these active times.

Schools can build and support Active Recreation into other aspects of the school culture through outdoor learning, incursions, excursions and school camps.

Active Recreation is not just the domain of the PE teacher, schools can also facilitate opportunities for active recreations using community clubs, external coaches or local organisations.

The table below illustrates examples of Active Recreation within the school community:

Active Recreation Success Stories and more...

Girgarre Primary School

The learning environment and outdoor areas at Girgarre Primary School are spacious and welcoming. Encouraging the students to engage in more active recreational activities whilst at school was highlighted as a priority in 2022. To support this, the school purchased several age-appropriate bicycles and all the required safety equipment.

Students have access to the bikes before school and during break times throughout the school day. They are encouraged to open the bike shed before school, take the bikes out and ride on the existing walking/running track around the school. READ MORE >>

Yarra Ranges Special Development School

Student voiced extracurricular activities were identified as a potential area for students to engage deeper at a physically active level, also bringing with it the potential for families to connect their child to community through extension programs. Student voice expressed a desire for drama.

Through engaging the services of Act Too Drama Academy, a long-term program was implemented for students and over the course of three terms, students and staff attended the recess/lunch program. Opportunities for the inclusion of self-regulatory tool scenarios were included to great success. Engagement to learning and behaviours in the classroom environment were also heightened in those students who attended the drama program and it has now been embraced as a part of their School Wide Positive Behaviour Support framework. READ MORE >>

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