Book a virtual workshop, seminar or PL program to meet the unique needs of your school or team

Need a little refresher or tailored support to implement your school’s health and physical education (HPE) program? It’s a new term, with new challenges and new opportunities to learn. Whilst teachers across Victoria have done a phenomenal job to provide continuity of learning for their students, it’s also important to ensure the continued professional growth of teachers.

In line with current guidelines surrounding COVID-19, our PL team is standing by to deliver our in-school professional learning workshops to HPE teachers virtually. Workshops can be delivered via Zoom or Microsoft Teams to help build capacity in HPE teachers to deliver quality HPE - an essential component of enabling students to reach their full potential.

As no two schools or individuals are the same, we can facilitate a virtual workshop, seminar or broader professional learning program tailored to meet the unique needs of your school or team. This way, the learning is always relevant to your professional learning journey.

Customised programs can focus on a range of topics such as the Victorian Curriculum, ICT in PE, developing a healthy school environment, games sense or any other topic area to fill gaps in knowledge.

To date, we are providing 12x virtual in-school workshops across various topics including:

  • Curriculum planning
  • Game Sense and FMS in the curriculum
  • Developing a whole of school PA plan
  • Developing primary classroom teachers Physical Education and Physical Activity skills
  • Assessment in Physical Education

Each consultancy has been developed in conjunction with the school to address their specific needs. Most of the consultancies have been designed as a series of webinars in Term 4 with plans for an additional face-to-face in school session (COVID dependant) in Term 1, 2021.

“The quality of my teaching and leading has increased dramatically... and I have never been so committed to continue down this path in developing and growing as a teacher and an individual.” - Secondary HPE teacher

If you have any specific consultancy needs you would like to discuss please contact one of our experienced Professional Learning team:, or