Collaboration with DET to deliver new Active Schools Expert Support Service

As you may have heard or seen via our social feeds recently, we are thrilled to announce ACHPER Victoria has been selected to deliver the new Active Schools Expert Support Service in collaboration with the Department of Education and Training Victoria (DET). 

Schools are a vital setting for preparing young Victorians to lead a physically active and healthy life. They can reach children and young people at the critical age range where positive life-long behaviours towards physical activity can be developed.

From now until December 2022, we will be working to support Government Schools throughout Victoria to implement the Active Schools Framework to ensure all Victorian students have the opportunity to develop the skills, confidence and motivation to be active for life.

This presents a wonderful opportunity to build the capacity of teachers and schools across the state.

Within the Active Schools initiative, an expert support service has been funded to provide on-the-ground support to funded schools to implement an Active Schools approach and coordinate additional extracurricular activities.

The Active Schools initiative builds on existing programs and funding, to boost support and resources for schools to get kids moving.

To do this we will:

  • Provide quality resources on the Active Schools approach to ensure principals and teachers have the information they need to take action
  • Provide on the ground support for schools to support schools to improve student’s physical activity and health outcomes
  • Promote the importance of physical activity for young people to parents so they prioritise and value physical activity as part of each day 
  • Explore scalable solutions to getting secondary students moving more. 

ACHPER Victoria is well placed to help deliver this program having also partnered with Transform-Us! and Sport Australia (through Sporting Schools Plus funding directly to schools) to support teachers in the promotion of brain breaks, development and changes of the physical environment as well as supporting teachers during periods such as before school, during school and after school activities.

We understand the development of a more active school community is a long-term commitment that will take time. Starting small and building the foundation (sound familiar to how we teach our children) will lead to long term change.

Schools who have received funding have been contacted by DET and ACHPER Victoria regarding the support offered via the Expert Support Service. If you are not a funded school, and would like to enquire about how ACHPER can support your goal to implement the Active Schools framework, please get in touch.