Meet our Primary HPE Conference feature presenters: David Lubans and Dr Rachael Whittle

In the lead up to our 2019 Primary HPE Conference on 24 June, we’d like to introduce our awesome feature presenters and highlight some of their great and important contributions to the HPE sector.

Meet David Lubans

Our first feature presentation on the day is “How can teachers optimise the positive effects of physical education? Introduction to the evidence-based SAAFE teaching principles” with The University of Newcastle’s David Lubans.

An early career as a Physical Education teacher and a lifelong passion for sport and fitness has led to Professor David Lubans’ life-focus: improving the health and wellbeing of young people. An unwavering commitment to making a difference directed  David to the Priority Research Centre for Physical Activity and Nutrition at The University of Newcastle, where he’s Theme Leader for Physical Activity in Nutrition in Schools. David’s career progression has always had physical activity and wellbeing at its core – and now the benefits are radiating outwards into society.

David’s presentation will unpack how high-quality physical education (PE) programs can provide students with opportunities to be physically active and develop the necessary knowledge, skills, and confidence for a lifetime of physical activity. However, many PE programs are not achieving their full potential, often as a result of how lessons are designed and taught. Using the evidence-based Supportive, Active, Autonomous, Fair, and Enjoyable (SAAFE) teaching principles as a framework, this feature presentation will highlight aspects critical to developing quality PE lessons that are highly active and satisfy students’ basic psychological needs.

Meet Dr Rachael Whittle

Our second feature presentation is “Health and Physical Education in the Curriculum” with Dr Rachael Whittle, VCAA Health and Physical Education in the Curriculum. 

Rachael is an experienced lecturer, course coordinator and project manager with a strong background in the higher education sector and across the primary and secondary education settings. She is also an author and presenter of professional learning for teachers and students, and skilled in research, curriculum and assessment policy development, resource development and project management. Rachael received her Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) focused on influences on academic performance in VCE Physical Education from RMIT University. 

Rachael’s feature presentation will reinforce the important role that health and physical education plays in the development of children in primary school, and highlight the core requirements in planning, assessing and reporting in health and physical education and how VCAA can support you in these aspects of your work.

We’re very excited to hear from both David and Rachael at our Primary HPE Conference on June 24!

Click here to download the program for the day to see what else is in store, and if you haven’t yet registered, please click here. If you’ve already secured your spot at this ‘High Impact Health and PE’ event for primary teachers, we look forward to seeing you there!