HPE at Home Resources

In response to the current and emerging circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 virus, ACHPER Victoria is working hard to ensure we can continue to support your professional learning and teaching needs through online learning and digital resources. 

We have created a central place to help you easily access all ACHPER Victoria resources released to date. We will continuously update this area as more resources are added over the coming weeks and months.

Tip of the Week HPE

Each week of the Victorian school term, ACHPER Victoria provides our health and physical education (HPE) community with a Tip of the Week HPE (TOTW). These tips sent via direct email and across social media are designed to save time and provide innovative ideas to help teachers teach and students learn.

So far, we’ve dedicated two TOTWs to provide guidance and information for HPE teachers to help prepare and initiate teaching at home.

Access these below:

  • COVID-19 Special Edition: Planning at-home HPE lessons – practical ideas and activities to help get the ball rolling for teachers to facilitate students learning HPE from home.
  • TOTW 89 Teaching HPE at home – shares teaching HPE at home resources and activities collated for teachers to access, use or adapt for use in their setting.
Google Drive resource library

Access 'ACHPER Victoria HPE at home ideas' Google Drive link here >>

We have divided the resources into Primary and Secondary, although there will be some overlap depending on the skills and knowledge of your students. Within each of these folders we have further divided ideas into different content sub-folders.

Thank you to the many teachers who have provided us with so much information for teachers to use. Depending on how the current situation evolves, we expect these resources to grow. We are counting on teachers to continue to provide resources they develop, source for themselves or modify those provided.

Any additional resources for uploading should be sent to bernie.holland@achper.vic.edu.au. We have done our best to review and ensure the quality of resources shared, and are confident you should be able to modify many of them to suit the needs of your students. Please contact Bernie by email or on 0411 268 902 if you have any questions about the resources.

Video resources

ACHPER Victoria PL Coordinator Adriana discussing upcoming resources and answering your questions about teaching HPE remotely on Facebook Live.

View FB Live via our Facebook page >>

ACHPER Victoria Professional Coordinator Dr Trent Brown talks through resources and templates available to help support teaching Levels 5 and 6 FMS and Movement Concept learning at home (easily adapted to suit Levels 7 and 8).

Access resources and templates Trent mentions in the video here >>

Federation University's Josh Ambrose providing ideas and advice around facilitating outdoor experiences with the current challenges in running excursions and at-home lessons under COVID-19.

Visit our YouTube channel >>

Everyone is receiving lots of ideas at the moment, with a lot of focus on getting kids active and moving. Whilst maintaining recommended levels of physical activity is crucially important, it is also essential that we don't forget the educative value of HPE and are ensuring all activities link to the Victorian HPE curriculum.

Visit our YouTube channel >>

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PLEASE NOTE: We're aware everyone is receiving lots of ideas at the moment, with a lot of focus on getting kids active and moving. Whilst maintaining recommended levels of physical activity is crucially important, we must be sure all activities link to the Victorian HPE curriculum.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with further questions or advice about delivering quality HPE in these unprecedented times. We’re here to help!